Many people say that it takes a very long time to become a successful accountant, surgeon or other professional. But the truth is that it takes a lot to become successful in any career or industry. Yes, for some like Mark Zuckerberg success came a lot easier, but the reality is that we’re not all going to be a Mark Zuckerberg. For most of us it takes years of dedication, commitment and taking the long road because there really aren’t any shortcuts to success. That’s why we’ve come up with the four major keys to help you create the perfect environment for success.

Work harder

Find ways to get new training and to learn, as sometimes you have to put in long hours to become better in your field. Remember, if you want to climb that success ladder and be an expert, you’ll have to work hard to get there. Find ways to better your company workflow or to develop your working relationship with your boss and colleagues.

Work faster

Minimise your distractions. Make sure that when you’re busy with work you’re only busy with work and nothing else, as that way you’ll get a lot done a heck of a lot faster than if you are distracted. Manage your time accordingly and free yourself up for new opportunities, as this will give you more chances to expand your network and learn new things.

Work stronger

Occasionally, take on more responsibilities at work. Volunteer to help your employers even with tasks that are not necessarily in your job description. Don’t let your colleagues underestimate your abilities; it’s up to you to show them all that you’re capable of. But remember, levelling up in your organisation also means showing your leadership and teamwork skills, so always be ready and willing to share your learnings and experiences.

Work smarter

To be successful in any industry you need to make sure that you position yourself with the right companies, people and environments. Make sure that you’re doing everything you can to create the best circumstance to advance your professional career, even if that means making a change and moving companies or changing roles at your current place of employment or finding the right cities and mentors to help you grow.