Side hustles are a growing trend and they’re here to stay, but how do they affect your primary career?

The rise of the side hustle is a global phenomenon that’s not going to disappear anytime soon. People have come to accept that millennials and the generations that will follow them are not likely to work in the way that previous generations have. So, whether you have a side hustle to earn extra cash or because you are following a passion, you are part of a generation that is creating a blueprint for a new way of being.

Most companies worry that people with side hustles are distracted. This may be true for some, but your side hustle can actually have some positive results that may even benefit your primary career. Here are some examples:

  • Skills development

Since side hustles are often different from what you do at the office, you are forced to develop new skills. This can be beneficial for your day job because the things you learn doing your side hustle will spill over into your day job.

  • Confidence boost

There’s something exhilarating about doing something for yourself. Side hustles have many challenges, but knowing that this is your own thing for your benefit works wonders for your confidence.

  • Discipline

Keeping your nine-to-five going while putting energy into another business is a tough juggling act. But as more people work and live this way, discipline is becoming a non-negotiable skill to have. Being disciplined will both benefit your income streams and hopefully leave you some time for a bit of fun too.

  • Impressive CV

As the world changes, so do the criteria used to hire people. Your side hustle allows you to show yourself as a person with a wide range of skills and interests. This can work to your advantage in your primary career.

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