We all know that landing a first job after high school or graduation can be tough, especially when you have no work experience under your belt. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom when applying for a job, because this time we’re not going to make the experience factor a problem. Here are your go-to tips for overcoming the no experience barrier.

Make sure that you emphasise your skills and expertise so that your potential employers know what you’re capable of. You can highlight these at the beginning of your CV or in the cover letter.

 Let your potential employers know that you are tech savvy by stating if you’re familiar with any Office applications like Word or PowerPoint, or any other software you may have come into contact with or used before. Increase your digital footprint by signing up with LinkedIn if you haven’t already. Find ways to start up new things and become a thought leader.

 Make it clear that, although you don’t yet have professional experience, you do have life experience, and that’s worth a lot! Highlight if you’ve ever volunteered, held any part-time positions somewhere, or completed an internship. Be sure to let them know that you’re up for working in a professional environment. Mention if you belong to any sports clubs or social teams, as it will encourage your potential employer to acknowledge your teamwork capabilities. State in your cover letter that you are willing to learn a lot more. Remember that your cultural knowledge and identity make you unique, so mention any additional languages you may know or travel experiences that may increase your chances of getting hired.

By listing any of your achievements, whether in high school or in your community, you make sure that your potential employers know about your experiences. So include it if you’ve ever tried to start a small business, even if it’s selling T-shirts, or if you’ve made an invention of your own, they all add up!