Deciding on whether or not you should take a job can be tough, ask anyone. Many people believe that your salary should be a key deciding factor, but this should not be your only concern.

When it comes down to it, ask yourself these five questions before making your final decision.

 Is the employee package worth it?

Take a look at the entire package. Check if the company offers any other employee benefits such as medical aid and pension fund. Pay careful attention to company contributions on these benefits as well – it’s always good to know how much your potential employer is willing to contribute.

Are there any avenues for growth and opportunities to gain experience?

Find out if there is room for growth in the company. Will you be able to move up the ladder and receive a promotion or is it highly unlikely that you will be promoted? Figure out if this new position will help you gain more experience in your field where you will learn and grow or if you will do something similar every day.

Is the company and the team you will work with a good fit?

Before signing on the dotted line it’s important that you know if you will fit in or have a connection with your new team and boss. Take some time to decide if the company environment is one that suits you and your personality.

Are the working hours and company location suited to your needs?

This is important, especially if you aren’t really keen on working shifts or weekends. Figure out if you want to work the hours they have set out, because if not, you may want to find something else. Location should play a vital role in your decision. You need to know if you’ll be able to commute to work every day, whether or not the travel expenses are manageable for you, and what routes you would use.

What does your gut say?

It’s important to ask yourself how you felt when you met your potential employers and how you felt about your interview process with them. Did they make you feel uneasy or very comfortable? Did you picture yourself working there or did you want to run for the hills? Pay careful attention to your gut or intuitive feeling, as it can be useful in helping you figure out whether or not the company is a good fit for you.